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custom circuits

  • Custom PCB Circuit Boards

    Custom PCB Circuit BoardsPrinting circuit baords from PCBonestop are of high quality and short lead time. When printing boards finished, they will be tested to ensure the high quality and good performance in real application. And the lead time for all kinds of PCBs is shorter than most PCB suppliers in China.Read More

  • Circuits Board Making service

    Circuits Board Making serviceWhere to buy custom PCB at a low price is a big problem for most hobbyists. Custom PCB online service is the main service of PCBonestop, with low custom PCB cost and high quality. Besides, the customized service also brings the best user experience to customers.Read More

  • Printed Circuit Custom

    Printed Circuit CustomProduct Name: high frequency 2 order HDI plate Type: HDI Material: FR4 high Tg Substrate copper foil thickness: outer layer 1oz; inner layer 1/3oz Minimum line width / line distance: 2mil/2mil Minimum borehole aperture: 0.2mm Minimum aperture of laser drilling: 0.075mm The depth ratio of blind...Read More

  • Custom PCB Printing

    Custom PCB PrintingHigh multilaminates processing capability Product Name: six layer IC gold plate Type: Multilayer PCB High multilaminates processing capability Number of layers: 36 Materials: ordinary FR4, medium Tg FR4, high Tg FR4, halogen free plate, PI material, BT material, PPO, PPE, mixed voltage and high...Read More

  • Custom PCB Order

    Custom PCB OrderProduct parameters Product Name: eight layer impedance gold finger plate Type: Multilayer PCB Number of layers: 36 Materials: ordinary FR4, medium Tg FR4, high Tg FR4, halogen free plate, PI material, BT material, PPO, PPE, mixed voltage and high frequency (Roger, Arlon\Taconic, Nelco, Taixing...Read More

  • Custom Circuits

    Custom CircuitsName: ODU RF Board Layer count : 10 Board Thickness: 2.0mm Copper Thickness:1oz Material: RO4350+FR4 Application: Micro-waveRead More

  • Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCB

    Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCBPCBs can be single sided, double sided or multi-layer. Multilayer PCB is a circuit board that has more than two layers. Multi-layer pcbs allow for much higher component density. Unlike a double-sided pcb which only has two conductive layers of material, all multilayer rigid pcb must have at least three layers of conductive material which are buried in the center of the material.Read More

  • custom printed circuit Boards

    custom printed circuit BoardsFast PCB fab service in PCBonestop is favorable and fast enough for global customer when they choose to get PCB fab quote online. We apply 100% quality assurance to ensure the high quality of PCB prototypes, which help us make the defect rate as low as 0.01%.Read More

  • Circuits Boards making

    Circuits Boards makingHow to get quick turn high standard custom made PCB? The precondition is that you should find a corresponding PCB company online. Apparently, should be your target since we are a trusted online company providing you with quick turn custom made PCB with high standard.Read More

  • Custom Made PCB

    Custom Made PCBTechnological capability The highest number of layers (L):30 Maximum single size (MM):538 x 620 Minimum single size (MM):50 x 50 Maximum finished plate thickness (MM):4.5 Minimum finished plate thickness (MM):0.2 Maximum copper thickness (OZ):6 Minimum trance width (MM):0.075 Minimum line...Read More