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single sided pcb prototype

Quickturn prototype PCB service is able to meet customers’ urgent demands for 1 layer PCB prototype. PCBonestop offer fast prototype circuit with high quality to customers. All standard single sided PCB prototypes will be finished within 1-2 days. always put customers’ demand in the first place with the quickturn PCB prototype service for global customers, and we also ensure the high quality because we all know that quality is an important in any business.


Quickturn prototype PCB fully understands the time limitation for quickturn PCB. So it offers the quickest PCB manufacturing service that 1 layer PCB prototype can be finished and delivered within 24hours. In order to shorten more time, we select renowned express service from DHL, aiming to bring you quick and accurate delivery.

High quality prototype circuit service

Except for the fast turnaround service, high quality is another advantage of fast turnaround PCB service. Actually, we will never ignore the quality control even though time is very limited. To PCBonestop, fast turn is not the only pursuit while quality assurance should also be attached great importance. Hence, we keep track with the fabrication process at the very beginning, which not only enables you to know the manufacturing progress clearly, but also controls the PCB quality strictly.