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pcb online prototype

PCB online prototype is becoming more and more popular, which has been the trend of PCB manufacture industry. And rigid printed board prototype is the major business of PCBonestop. PCBonestop offers online PCB prototype service with cheap price and fast speed, even if 4 layer PCB prototype.

PCBonestop provides cheap and fast PCB prototype service to global customers. We are able to manufacture standard double sided PCB prototype within 1-2 days with fast delivery via international express company DHL.


Cheap PCB prototype

For PCB prototype, cheap price should be the biggest factor that appeals to you. As we know that prototype is frequently considered as PCB prototype manufacturing, which would be good if you can spend less money on it. Considering that, PCBonestop offers PCB prototype with low cost. Then you don’t need spend so much money on prototype since we’ve done well in the following: maintaining equipment and devices, improving working efficiency, developing managerial system that is proper for fabricating PCB prototype without affecting the cost and quality.

Fast PCB Prototype

Besides the low cost, fastness should be another aspect of PCB prototype that suits you best. Whenever you need PCB prototype urgently, PCBonestop will be at your service any time and eager to reply you within the shortest time. Moreover, PCBonestop offers the fastest PCB manufacturing service: the PCB prototyping you required can be finished and delivered within 48 hours. Importantly, the famous express company named DHL, help ensure the fast delivery of your PCB orders.

We offer a competitive price without hidden cost, the lowest order is $5. Compared to some other countries’ level, our price is just a fraction of what other American or European fabricators normally charge you. In addition, once become our new customer, you will enjoy $5 cash credit, which equals your first order is free. For many people, such as hobbyists and price-sensitive customers, decide to rely on us not only because of our fame in the PCB fabrication field, but also the charming price of our product and the unlimited quantity.