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PCB Board

Before printed circuit boards appeared, the interconnection between electronic components depended on the direct connection of wires to form a complete circuit. At present, circuit breadboard exists only as an effective experimental tool, while printed circuit board has become the dominant position in the electronic industry.
1. Due to the repeatability (reproducibility) and consistency of graphics, reduced wiring and assembly errors, and saved equipment maintenance, debugging and inspection time.
2. On the design can be standardized, beneficial to exchange.
3. High wiring density, small size, light weight, conducive to miniaturization of electronic equipment.
4. It is beneficial to mechanized and automatic production, which improves labor productivity and lowers the cost of electronic equipment.
About us:
Relying on the good quality and cheap price, PCBonestop has become the leading pcb board manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory is engaged in providing wholesale and customized service of pcb board. Welcome to place orders with our factory.
  • pcb printing online

    pcb printing online

    Adopt imported high speed machine and the welding spot of pcb printing online is full and smooth. Besides, there is no false welding and desoldering phenomenon.Read More
  • buy pcb online

    buy pcb online

    With the help of internet, buy PCB online has become the trend in PCB industry. PCBonestop provides PCB online buy service with excellent customer service and favorable price. And we have won a lot of praises from customers for our excellent customer service.Read More
  • custom pcb board price

    custom pcb board price

    PCBonestop is equipped with a 24H standby customer service team to offer custom PCB boar price quoting service. Customers are able to get the quote in the shortest time once they send their files and specification via email. Usually, standard PCB prototyping for all kinds of...Read More
  • purchase pcb boards

    purchase pcb boards

    Printed circuit board (PCB) is an indispensable part of modern electronic equipment, any electronic equipment, whether it is large machinery or personal computer, communication base station or mobile phone, household appliances or electronic toys will use printed circuit board.Read More
  • 4-layer printed circuit board

    4-layer printed circuit board

    The four-layer circuit board is easier to wire than the two-layer circuit board and has stronger anti-interference ability.Read More
  • quick turn pcb boards

    quick turn pcb boards

    Being a professional PCB making house, PCBonestop offers quick turn four layer PCB board service to global customers with 99.9% fabrication accuracy, ensuring the good performance in real use. And the lead time is also short as 1-2 days for simple specifications.Read More
  • PCB fab house

    PCB fab house

    Multilayer circuit board PCB will be much complex than single or double sided PCB boards, which takes much time and cost much money in production. But PCBonestop offers fast multilayer PCB prototyping service with good performance, like 6 layer circuit board.Read More
  • fr-4 pcb board

    fr-4 pcb board

    FR-4 refers to a grade of material rather than a material itself and has many sub gradings and types such as TG130, High TG, FR4-Rogers. Fr-4 PCB board making with low price and high accuracy has been the main stream of PCBonestop. We are capable of manufacturing all kinds of...Read More
  • 6 layer pcb board

    6 layer pcb board

    Custom PCB board printing supplied by PCBonestop has become more and more popular among global PCB buyers. The PCB board printing cost is low with the help of technology improvement. And we have built a customer service team to give quick reply to customers, which is 24 hours...Read More
  • Custom PCB Circuit Boards

    Custom PCB Circuit Boards

    Printing circuit baords from PCBonestop are of high quality and short lead time. When printing boards finished, they will be tested to ensure the high quality and good performance in real application. And the lead time for all kinds of PCBs is shorter than most PCB suppliers...Read More
  • Electronic Weight Weighing Scale Printed Circuit Board Module

    Electronic Weight Weighing Scale Printed Circuit Board Module

    Quick details: Product show: Characteristics of electronic weight weighing scale printed circuit board module: 1.This PCB has good performance, so it matchs electronic weighing sacle very well and keep the scale's working stably; 2.This PCB has high density with the...Read More
  • 94V0 4 Layer Fr4 PCB Board

    94V0 4 Layer Fr4 PCB Board

    Typically, PCB 4 layer board will take 4-5 days to be manufactured in most China PCB manufacturers. But in PCBonestop, it only takes 2-3 days for complex 4 layer boards. Besides, the standard double sided PCB prototypes can be finished within 1-2 working days.Read More
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