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What will decide PCB price
May 10, 2017

PCB price is complex to calculate, because every piece of PCB is customized by different customers.

1. Different difficulty

PCB final price will be affected by different materials and production processes. Even two boards with the same material and production, different difficulty will also cause different costs. 

1.1For example, two boards with holes, one aperture greater than 0.6mm and the other one are less than 0.6mm will form different drilling costs.

1.2If there is BGA in a board, so the cost will be relatively up. (Sometimes may be calculate by BGA numbers)


2. Different requirements

Different requirements will result in different prices. Frequently, there are 98% pass rate if according to IPC-A-600E, Class1, but may decrease to 90% if request according by class3, so the price for PCB produced by class3 is higher than class1.



3. Regional differences

Generally speaking, in the geographical location, the price has increasing trend from south to north.

1. The cost of the board (different board costs are different)

2. Drilling cost (the numbers of hole and hole size affect the drilling costs)

3. Process cost (different process of PCB makes the price different)

4. Management costs (this cost depends on the control of each factory)

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