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How to layout a pcb?
Nov 17, 2017

1. In high requirements, you should provide complete package for the inner conductor, and using coaxial connector to ensure the integrity of the electric field shielding.

2. vias: In high-speed signal, the via produces 1-4nH inductance and 0.3-0.8pF capacitor. As a result, the vias of the high-speed channels should be as small as possible. Make sure that the number of vias for the high-speed parallel lines is the same.

3. Stubs: Avoid using short lines at high frequency and sensitive signal lines

4. Star signal arrangement: Avoid high-speed and sensitive signal lines

5. Radiation type signal arrangement: to avoid the use of high-speed and sensitive lines, to keep the signal path width unchanged, the vias through the power surface and the ground should not be too intensive.


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