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How to calculate the PCB price by yourself
May 10, 2017

To calculate the price of PCB board, you need to learn some factors that will influence prices.

1. Customer quality acceptance criteria

Commonly used criteria: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc., the higher the standard, the higher price will be.

2. Mold fees and test stand

(1) Mold costs

Drilling and milling shape is used for the small batch boards, without any additional milling margin fee. The bulk is required a mold plate, so a set of mold costs will be over 1,000RMB.

(2) Test fee 

Flying probe test is generally used in small quantity, charging you 100-400 RMB; batch will need the test stand, which generally offers between 1000 and 1500RMB.


3. Different payment methods

If the payment time is short like cash payments, so the price will be relatively low.


4. Order quantity & delivery

(1) The smaller the quantity is, the more expensive the price will be. Even for 1PCS board, the manufacturer has to complete all of procedures.

(2) Delivery: The data delivered to the PCB manufacturers should be complete (GERBER data, board number, board thickness, surface treatment, ink color, character color and some special requirements).

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