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DRC after PCB Wiring
May 10, 2017


Generally speaking, we should not ignore the inspection process after completion, for whatever we do. Similarly, it is quite necessary to start the design rule check (DRC) when the PCB boards are finished. Only by carefully performing the check can we be more confident that the PCB board is qualified enough. We frequently check according to the following aspects:

1.Firstly, you should carefully check whether the following aspects are reasonable.

It should include line spacing, distance between lines and the components (such as the pad), the line and the through-hole, the pad and the through-hole as well as edge distance.

2.Check whether the width between power line and ground wire is appropriate.

Besides, you should also inspect if the power supply and the ground wire are tightly coupled, and find out if there is space available on the PCB board to widen the ground wire.

3.Whether the key signal line has been taken the best measure. For example, the 

line length is set to the shortest, the protection line has been added and the input and output lines are clearly separated.

4.Whether the analog circuits and digital circuits have their own separated ground


5.Check whether the graphics added to the PCB later (such as diagrams, note) will 

cause the short-circuit signal.

6.Modify the unsatisfactory lines.

7.Whether break-away strips are added on the PCB board; whether solder mask 

and its size can meet requirement of production process; whether the character notes are pressed on the components. All these should be inspected carefully to prevent any influence on quality.

8.Check whether the outer edge of the power ground in multilayer boards shrink 

or not. For example, the copper foil of power ground exposed outside the board is likely to cause a short circuit.

Relatively speaking, the steps above may seem a bit simple, but they are not implemented as easy as we image. In fact, the DRC especially requires your patience and circumspection. Provided that you treat with it casually, then you will find it pretty hard to find an error. In short, we would rather spend more time to carefully check the detailed parts than re-examine when errors occur suddenly. 

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