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Common PCB board problems
May 10, 2017

PCB fabrication is not difficult, but troubleshooting is difficult. It is quite a headache to face PCB problems in the debugging, just like a programmer encounters BUG.

Common PCB problems

Common PCB circuit board problems include circuit board design, electronic components damage, short circuit, the quality of components, PCB circuit board disconnection failure.


Common PCB circuit board failure is mainly concentrated in the components like capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, etc., and can be observed through the eyes. There is obvious damage to the surface of electronic components with a more obvious signs of burning. This can be resolved directly by the replacement of the new components. If the damage cannot be seen from the surface, you need to use professional inspection tools for maintenance.


Cannot test out problems

When assembling components, we may encounter problems that cannot be tested out. Then you may buy a new board. Actually, the bad coordination of various components brings performance instability. In this case, the only way is to try to replace the suspicious components, until you find the problem components.


Circuit board failure

As the foothold of a component, then the circuit board failure is possible. The simplest example is the tin parts; there may be disconnection problems in the PCB corrosion process. Encountering this situation, you can use fine copper wire to solve.

If the PCB circuit board failure is not significantly damaged, check up is really very troublesome. But you can get inexplicable sense of accomplishment after solving problems.

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