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High-Accurateness: Fabrication & Delivery

Besides price and lead time, what is the key factor that you need to consider? Indeed, accurateness should be taken into account. This is vital for you to check if the PCB can be manufactured according to your specific standards and requirements. In some cases, we can even say that the PCB board may be useless if not manufactured as your expectation. Noticing this, provides you with high-accurate PCB service.


Accurate Fabrication

Our accurate service starts from the fabrication no matter in PCB or PCB assembly. Once receiving your Gerber file, our staffs will carefully check and contact you if there is any error, which helps to reduce mistakes from the very beginning. Moreover, we have good performance in the PCB fabrication and PCB assembly accurateness with 99.9% rate. Hence, we are reliable to deal with your PCB or PCBA orders.

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Accurate Delivery

After accurate fabrication, the PCB products should to be shipped to customers accurately and timely. This is the last but pretty critical step, so only chooses renowned express companies to delivery such as DHL, TNT, SF express, etc. Then you can enjoy fast and accurate delivery service in You will receive your products in promised time.

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