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Electronic PCB Circuit Board

There are many kinds of PCB boards, such as hybrid boards, HDI boards, High TG boards, High Frequency boards, Flex and Rigid Flex boards, Metal Substrate boards, IC substrate boards and more. Among them, single sided PCB may be the easiest product, but as an reliable PCB fabricator in China, still pay great attention to single sided circuit board printing for the high quality.

Single sided PCB circuit board production is widely spread since late 1950s with the development of copper foil etching. Compared with double sided PCB, single sided PCB only has one side with conductor pattern which is best suited for low density design.


1.Low cost single sided circuit board service

For single PCB production, as the design is easy with today’s technology, so the cost of it is low. Even with low cost of manufacture, the quality is highly guaranteed to help PCBonestop earn great fame in PCB industry. What’s more, if you place a circuit board mass production order, the cost of each is much lower.

2. Good choice for simple low-density designs

We all know that double PCB and multilayer PCB are suitable for complex design, but it is not economic. Thus the application of single sided PCB becomes important which will not only save money but also have good EMC performance of product.

If you are interested in our online single sided circuit board printing service, please contact us per email now! We are one of the leading China PCB products manufacturers. Good after-sale service and fast delivery can be assured.