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LED circuit Board making

If you are new to electronics, making a LED circuit board may be an exciting exercise. It does not require a lot of components or expertise. There are many instructions online, telling you how to make a LED circuit board. But if you are not familiar with how a circuit board works, you’d better ask a PCB manufacturer for help. PCBonestop offers printed circuit board service. We are specializing in PCB making.

Printed circuit board making requires an extremely clean environment where there should be no contamination in the air and components. The following steps is typically used to make a two-sided printed circuit board: Making the substrate - Drilling and plating the holes - Creating the printed circuit pattern on the substrate – Tin coating - Cutting the panels - Mounting the components – Packaging.


Completed circuit boards are tested for functional performance to ensure their output is within the desired limits. Some boards are subjected to environmental tests to determine their performance under extremes of heat, humidity, vibration, and impact.

Many engineers may find that making a circuit board is expensive in some other PCB factories. PCBonestop promises to make circuit board at a cost-effective price with high quality. Cheap price is not only for the custom PCBs prototype, but also for the volume circuit board production.