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Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCB

PCBs can be single sided, double sided or multi-layer. Multilayer PCB is a circuit board that has more than two layers. Multi-layer pcbs allow for much higher component density. Unlike a double-sided pcb which only has two conductive layers of material, all multilayer rigid pcb must have at least three layers of conductive material which are buried in the center of the material.

As a Shenzhen based PCB maker, PCBonestop offers customized multilayer fr4 pcb board printing service. FR-4 glass epoxy is the primary insulating substrate. A basic building block of the PCB is an FR-4 panel with a thin layer of copper foil laminated to one or both sides. In multi-layer boards multiple layers of material are laminated together.

multilayer fr4 pcb board.jpg

Unlike a double-sided pcb, multilayer pcbs are more complex in custom pcb printing. PCBonestop is striving to update our capabilities to meet all the standards in custom made pcb manufacture so that we can supply all kind of rigid pcbs. 

Besides, we accept all custom pcb printing orders from global customers. PCBonestop has focused on custom pcb printing for over 10 years. Over the years, we have seen all types of custom pcb constructions from various industries. And we had won a plenty of praise from our customers, that’s why we are keep making efforts to bring better service to them.