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rapid PCB fabrication

Four Layers PCB is printed circuit board made up of four copper layers laminated together by resin layers. In addition, 4 layer PCB is widely used to various fields: vehicle, telecommunication, industrial control, etc. Namely, 4 Layers PCB tends to be one of the main streams in the manufacture market and the demand will be growing inevitably. PCBonestop offers high quality 4 layer pcb board fab service to global customers.

4 layer PCB boards have top and bottom copper layers with all holes plated through. Sandwiched inside are Ground and Power planes. Through-hole pads can be connected to, or isolated from, the planes. These boards also have top and bottom solder mask layers, giving them a dark green color. On the top surface is a white silkscreen layer showing the component outlines. 

4 layer fr4 pcb board.jpg

Reliable 4 layer PCB Manufacturer

4 layer PCB belongs to multilayer PCB and complicated manufacturing processes will be involved. Multi-layer boards have many advantages over double-sided boards. They can be designed more compactly while they greatly improve noise immunity and are much easier to lay out. For the sake of offering clients high-quality 4 layer board, PCBonestop carefully performs each step, especially in steps like Brown Oxide Replacement or Panel Plating. Hence, the PCBs of PCBonestop are of good-quality thanks to its high standard capability.

Cheap 4 layers PCB board Manufacturer

With the high quality, the price of 4 layer PCB fab service from PCBonestop also enjoys a low cost without the sacrifice of quality or lead time. Besides, we build strong relationship with our express partner so that we can get a much favorable price for shipping, deducing the shipping cost for our customers.