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printed circuit board companies

Are you looking for single sided fr4 94v0 PCB? You can get support from reliable circuit board companies. There are many hints online. Among so many printed circuit board companies, has its own obvious advantages.

To guarantee the PCB quality, we strictly control from every possible aspect. As a PCB board company, we think PCB material should be a key factor. That is why we adopt A-level military materials and ink from Taiyo, ensuring the good quality of every PCB board.


In, we can make your single sided PCB boards be delivered within 48 hours, or as quickly as 24 hours. Why can we be so quick? There are several reasons behind. In detail, we adopt dry film process though it is a bit expensive, replacing steps like tin and copper plating. Additionally, we are located close to the position of surface finish, while others may spend more time to delivery boards for surface treatment. Hence, we can save much time from these, contributing to quick fabrication.

If interested in our printed single sided fr4 94v0 PCB, you are most welcome to buy quality products from us.