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fast pcb print is one of enormous PCB makers online. We provide you with excellent online prototype service, and you can enjoy fast delivery and high quality at one time.

Fast PCB print

All the PCB prototype boards are made by our own production base. So we can directly control the fabrication processes and greatly shorten the lead time. In particular, though it costs us more, we still use dry film to replace the steps including tin and copper plating. This is much faster than adding conventional processes like tin and copper plating. Besides, we can also make panel boards be tested automatically by machines, achieving accurateness and efficiency at the same time.


High quality

We are a PCB circuit maker offering you high quality and Fast PCB print service. Every fabrication step will be rigorously tested unless it is up to standard. Generally, we will keep tolerance in a small range, like 0.075 or trying to be smaller. You can also check our quality by silkscreen which is very clear though the character is pretty small. This is owing to our silkscreen tool maintains and updates, while others will repeatedly use.

About us

Why buy your PCB from Because is a PCB manufacturer in China, specializing in the Fast PCB print service, with the shortest lead time and the most favorable price. We have team supported with over 50 professionals and technical, including our professional engineers and our customer service. Once receiving your Gerber file, our staffs will carefully check and at your service. Our service people are professional, friendly and helpful, and are ready to be the bridge between you, our engineers and the manufacturing sections. Our pricing is transparent without any hidden cost and our well-trained engineers will help our customers to find a perfect balance between quantity, quality and budget.