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pcb print online

Unlike single-sided and double-sided PCB board, multilayer PCB board manufacturing has higher requirement on the manufacturing capability because all multilayer PCBs at least have three layers of conductive material that are buried in the center of board. In order to meet the high requirement of capability, PCBonestop always focus on the capability improvement to offer excellent pcb print service online.

PCB print online service on PCBonestop enjoys the following features:


PCB service with strict quality control

1. Certified by the quality control system especially for military, communications, automotive, medical, power, industrial control, security, etc.

2. Certified by ISO9001, CQC

3. Strict accordance with IPC standards and customers’ demands to ensure the high quality of PCBs

4. Strict implementation of quality PDCA process, improve the performance of our multilayer PCBs

Advanced technology of PCB print service

1. Max. Layer: 20 layer; Min. Track/Spacing: 3/3 mil; Aspect Ratio: 13:1; Thickness: 6.5 mm; Max Dimension: 500*900 mm

2. High-precision mechanical and laser depth controlled technology, to achieve multi-stage slot and meet the different assembly demands

3. High-precision tooling lamination technology and mature hybrid lamination technology, to achieve the hybrid of FR-4, PTEE and high frequency materials

Top print board capacity

1. Professional team with more than 100 experienced technicians, offering you the best service

2. One-to-One customer service for every customer to offer instant tracking and ensure excellent quality and service

Top Raw Material Supplier

1. Established long-term strategic cooperation with top raw material suppliers like ROGERS, TACONIC, ARLON, ISOLA, Bergquist, Shengyi and ITEQ, etc.

2. ROHMHAAS plating liquid, HITACHI dry film, TAIYO ink