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heavy copper pcb

PCBonestop has been making heavy copper custom circuit boards with traces and copper planes of up to 4 ounces for over 10 years. Our profession is in producing at a favorable cost, heavy copper PCB's that are of proven designs. Our engineering team can work with you to review your design to make sure that they can be manufactured with the highest quality at the best cost.


Heavy copper PCB is used extensively in power electronic devices and power supply systems. A growing trend in the PCB industry, this unique type of heavy copper PCB features a finished copper weight of more than 5oz, compared to the 1oz or 2oz copper weight generally found in those with a standard PCB copper thickness.


-PCB copper coating can play a certain role in the reflux process.

-It reduces ground wire impedance and improves anti-interference ability.

-Heavy Copper PCB are generally used for high power distribution, heat dissipation, planar transformers, and power convertors. 



The additional copper PCB thickness enables the board to conduct a higher current, achieve good thermal distribution and implement complex switches in a limited space. Other advantages include increased mechanical strength at connector sites, the ability to create a smaller product size by incorporating multiple weights on the same layer of circuitry and the ability to use exotic materials to their maximum capacity with minimal risk of circuit failure.

About us

PCBonestop is a highly skilled PCB boards manufacturer that can develop and produce a superior heavy copper PCB product of the highest quality. We offer a heavy copper PCB manufacturing service that uses copper weights of up to 5oz.