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multilayer circuit board

PCBonestop is mainly to provide excellent services with low cost PCB prototyping, cost-effective PCB manufacturing and the cheapest freight. PCBonestop offers accurate and fast manufacture with low PCB prices.

China is a great market country with adequate labor force, having unique advantages. A large number of electronic products and equipment manufacturers have set up factories in mainland China, and thus promote the development of PCB industry. As a member among them, PCBonestop has taken its place in PCB manufacture, with its accurate manufacture and fast manufacture.


Accurate Manufacture

Indeed, we need to pay more attention on manufacture accurateness of cheap PCBs, after all we might doubt if cheap PCBs can be made accurately at the same time. However, this doubt can be removed now as PCBonestop satisfies both requirements. In, prices of PCB are competitive all the time, and accurateness rate of PCB manufacture can be as high as 99.9%.

Fast Manufacture

Besides accurateness, manufacture speed of cheap PCB make should be taken into consideration, too. Customer would not like to pay even one dollar for a slow-made PCB though it’s very cheap. Time really matters! Too much time cost on manufacture may result in PCB program delay. But you don’t have to quit cheap PCBs because PCBonestop won’t let you down. With its great strength, PCBonestop offers you 24 hours expedited service for 2-layer PCBs, 2-4 days service for multilayer circuit board.