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double sided pcb board

As a professional China based PCB manufacturer, we are professional in double sided PCB board printing service. The products from PCBonestop all enjoy high quality with low manufacture cost. Besides, considerate customer service from sales team also wins a lot of praise from customers.


This double sided pcb board is well manufactured, double sided design and letter-indicators representing each column of holes on one edge, which is workable (solder pads, tinned holes) and marked for convenience.

Double-sided PCB board is a very important PCB board in the circuit board, which has the advantages of good appearance, easy to tin welding disc, easy to solder and low price. 

It is better than single panel with more convenient wiring.


More flexibility for designers

Increased circuit density

Relatively lower costs

Intermediate level of circuit complexity

Reduced board size (which can reduce costs)


Considerate service

PCBonestop is also deeply proud of considerate customer service. Actually, you can find us online whenever facing difficulties, as we’re at your service 24 hours every day. In order to successfully solve your problem, our customer service team is well trained in both English communication as well as PCB specialized knowledge. In one word, all we have done is to bring you good  double sided pcb board service.