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Custom PCB

  • Quick Turn Custom Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Online Service

    Quick Turn Custom Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Online Service

    PCB (PCB Assembly) p rocess capability : SMT production capacity 10 million chip per day(0402,0201 with 8 million per day ), DIP production capacity is 1.2 million pcs per dayRead More
  • Buy Low Prices Universal Pcb Circuit Boards Prototyping Service Online

    Buy Low Prices Universal Pcb Circuit Boards Prototyping Service Online

    Q1.What is needed for PCB PCBA quotation? PCB: Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements(material,surface finish treatment, copper thickness,board thickness ,...) PCBA: PCB information, BOM, (Testing documents...) Q2. What file formats do you accept for PCB PCBA...Read More
  • Online High Quality Quick Turn Fr4 Pcb Breadboard Prototype Service
  • Buy Pcb Board Online

    Buy Pcb Board Online

    You can buy pcb board online on PCBONESTOP. We specialize in the fabrication and assembly of flexible PCB products for use in the manufacturing of medical devices and various types of telecommunication and industrial equipment. Our custom PCB manufacturing capabilities allow...Read More
  • Buy Pcb Board

    Buy Pcb Board

    Higher assembly density Smaller size (considerable savings on space) Increased flexibility Easier incorporation controlled impedance features. EMI shielding through careful placement of power and ground layers. Reduces the need for interconnection wiring harnesses (reduces...Read More
  • Pcb Print Service

    Pcb Print Service

    Cut lead-time with BOM validation and real-time quotes A robotic factory built for prototype and low-volume quantities Real-time DFM feedback —fix problems before the build starts Review a visualization of your board before ordering Fully transparent pricing—see how your...Read More
  • Fr4 Pcb

    Fr4 Pcb

    Layer Count: Single – 30 layers Laminate Types: FR-4 (140Tg, 170Tg, 180Tg) (all UL94V-0 rated), RF and Teflon, Arlon, Getek, Rogers, Nelco and more! Thermal materials including Laird, Arlon, Ventec, Iteq and Chin-Shi, bonded to Aluminum or Copper. Laminate Thickness:...Read More
  • 4 Layer Board

    4 Layer Board

    Model Number: 4 Layer Board Base Material: FR-4,aluminum Copper Thickness: 0.5oz-2oz Board Thickness: 0.6-2.4mm Min. Hole Size: 0.25mm Min. Line Width: 0.15mm Min. Line Spacing: 0.15mm Surface Finishing: immersion gold ,OSP,lead free HASL color: blue ,red ,green,black.yellow...Read More
  • Flexible PCB

    Flexible PCB

    What is Flexible PCB? Flexible printed circuit boards, also called Flexible PCBs or Flex PCBs, derive their name for their ability to enable the circuitry to be designed to fit the electronic device or product, as opposed to building the device to conform to the circuit...Read More
  • FPC Of Car's Camera

    FPC Of Car's Camera

    Name: FPC Of car`s camera Layer count: 6 Board thickness :1.55mm Copper thickness : 1oz Material: MCE-G-700G Application: Vehicular HD camera Feature: Rigid-flexRead More
  • BMS FPC Board

    BMS FPC Board

    Name: BMS FPC Board Layer count :1 Board thickness : 0.28mm Material : Copper + coverlay Type : BMS lug collection board Application : CarRead More
  • 4 Layer PCB

    4 Layer PCB

    Name: E-band ODU RF Board Layer count : 4 Board thickness:0.7mm Copper thickness : 1oz Material : RO4350+FR4 Application: Micro-waveRead More
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